domingo, 19 de marzo de 2017

Kokoro visits the woods ( DD M.O.M.O VOLKS)


Kokoro was chosen to be the model this time, She came with me all the way towards the huge forest that is just at the end of the lane. It was an amazing day compared to the horrible weather we have been suffering in Eengland lately. The woods were all nice and green, and moss was all over! It reminded me when I visited Japan last October, the memories came back and it really felt magical!

A long time ago I ordered from an etsy shop two Kimonos for my girls, so I could do some japanese style photoshoots. I have been so busy that its been nearly 4 months until I could really go for a walk and shoot the new clothes, and I only could carry Kokoro and not Asuna this time as well. They've looked so cute together with their pinky kimonos and the green scenery...Oh well, next time !

Every time I hold Kokoro I feel how kind hearted she is, and how happy I am for her to be my very first Dollfie Dream. It is a shame that I have not been working on her character as much as my other dolls, BJDs for me are more an art and creative project, and dollfie dreams are just "dolls" to me. But lately I couldn't help to think about the need of my girls for a character and personality. Will have to work on that in the future!

See you next time!

Hey There!

I am very little motivated to upload content here, sometimes is like screaming to an empty space, however, every time I have those thoughts I remind myself why I am doing this blog: To keep a record of my doll hobby and the stories of my dolls.

Today I come with my heartless ghost, Derian, He is a Venitu by 5thMotif. He is dearly special to me, a very well known character of mine that has been in my mind for a long time, and also helped me by creating him to get rid of my anxiety.

Derian was murdered by a black wolf, who ate his heart, and now wanders in London's victorian cemetery: Highgate. He is aimless and just enjoys staring at the moon and feeling the cold foggy weather of the endless mortuory gardens.

He wears his broken shroud all over the dead leaves of the infinite Winter, and the golden spines that grow in the cemetery.

I hope you like the pictures I took today, I am starting to play around with my new camera, and I am loving it so much!.

Thanks for visiting!

domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2016

The Pygmalion Society meet! - London-

Hello Again!

Today I come with a very very important blog entry for me: I finally got to attend one of the pygmalion society meets in London! I have always wanted to be in one of this doll meets, since ever I started on this hobby I use to browse all the pictures from Den of Angel's forum from these meet ups. I also got to meet Max Meiselmaus ( and one of his amazing dolls.  Everyone was wonderful and I am willing to go to another one soon! Here you go with some of the prettiest dolls from the meet. I hope you like them as much as I did!

And that's all friends! I may come with another entry soon. I did a quick photoshoot outside with Kokoro with her new look, but it was so freezing cold I just did a couple of shoots!.

Bye Bye!

miércoles, 16 de noviembre de 2016

Japan and my crazyness buying dolly things!

I'm back!

Yes! Finally! I have been as always very busy and away from the blog, but I really need to remind myself that even if i do not get many followers here I am doing this little space on the internet because I have always loved blogging about my dolls, and to be honest, instagram and flickr is kind of limited if you want to explain different things and not only to show a picture. 

I have been travelling, I finally got to go to Japan! It has been such a great and rewarding experience, I never thought I would enjoy that much!. As you can imagine I went crazy when I visited places such as Mandarake or Volks store. The azone store was kind of a dissapointent as everything was over priced and they did not have as many dolls as I though on sale. This pictures in here are from Akihabara's Mandarake. 


Akihabara was simply AMAZING, full of neons and dolly publicity everywhere! I couldn't stop looking arround there were endless places to look at!

Lots and lots of Danbos, I brought a giant danboard at home! 

I also visited the Ghibli Museum, and brought home some nice props, ( including a Spirited Away music box not shown in here)

One of the reasons that I wanted to visit Japan during Autumn was that my birthday was on the 28th of October, and I have always wanted to celebrate Halloween and my birthday in shibuya. My partner bought me this lovely Volks F16 from the Mandarake as a present for my birthday. I fall in love with this little chap as the moment I saw him I felt really bad, he was VERY dirty everywhere, and his default face up was nearly erased by the previous owner in a very bad way. I decided to take him home in order to be a project doll. As soon as I came back home I erased his horrible face up and celaned him up the best I could. The first picture is how he was, and the second one is once cleaned.

Kokoro also had a present from Japan, new hands and a beautiful coat from the Volks store. In the second picture she is modeling with her friend Danboard, There is a shop in Akihabara that is dedicated to Danboard, at least one floor full of Danbos and Yotsuba stuff, it was a dream come true!

And finally! I decided to buy to myself as a birthday present this lovely little chap: a Unoa Elder brother Xyle. He needs LOTS of work, he needs face up, clothes, and a wig, but at the end of the day that is just the fun of this hobby, complete your dolls slowly and making sure you love the way they are turning up!

I also did buy lots of clothes for my big boys, and some more ghibli stuff, but I didn't want to overfill this post. I have more dolls that came in and I didn´t introduce properly. I really need to do my character stories registration like I did with Nikolai before, I am such a LAZY badass.
Hope you enjoyed this entry and see you soon!.