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Japan and my crazyness buying dolly things!

I'm back!

Yes! Finally! I have been as always very busy and away from the blog, but I really need to remind myself that even if i do not get many followers here I am doing this little space on the internet because I have always loved blogging about my dolls, and to be honest, instagram and flickr is kind of limited if you want to explain different things and not only to show a picture. 

I have been travelling, I finally got to go to Japan! It has been such a great and rewarding experience, I never thought I would enjoy that much!. As you can imagine I went crazy when I visited places such as Mandarake or Volks store. The azone store was kind of a dissapointent as everything was over priced and they did not have as many dolls as I though on sale. This pictures in here are from Akihabara's Mandarake. 


Akihabara was simply AMAZING, full of neons and dolly publicity everywhere! I couldn't stop looking arround there were endless places to look at!

Lots and lots of Danbos, I brought a giant danboard at home! 

I also visited the Ghibli Museum, and brought home some nice props, ( including a Spirited Away music box not shown in here)

One of the reasons that I wanted to visit Japan during Autumn was that my birthday was on the 28th of October, and I have always wanted to celebrate Halloween and my birthday in shibuya. My partner bought me this lovely Volks F16 from the Mandarake as a present for my birthday. I fall in love with this little chap as the moment I saw him I felt really bad, he was VERY dirty everywhere, and his default face up was nearly erased by the previous owner in a very bad way. I decided to take him home in order to be a project doll. As soon as I came back home I erased his horrible face up and celaned him up the best I could. The first picture is how he was, and the second one is once cleaned.

Kokoro also had a present from Japan, new hands and a beautiful coat from the Volks store. In the second picture she is modeling with her friend Danboard, There is a shop in Akihabara that is dedicated to Danboard, at least one floor full of Danbos and Yotsuba stuff, it was a dream come true!

And finally! I decided to buy to myself as a birthday present this lovely little chap: a Unoa Elder brother Xyle. He needs LOTS of work, he needs face up, clothes, and a wig, but at the end of the day that is just the fun of this hobby, complete your dolls slowly and making sure you love the way they are turning up!

I also did buy lots of clothes for my big boys, and some more ghibli stuff, but I didn't want to overfill this post. I have more dolls that came in and I didn´t introduce properly. I really need to do my character stories registration like I did with Nikolai before, I am such a LAZY badass.
Hope you enjoyed this entry and see you soon!. 

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