domingo, 19 de marzo de 2017

Kokoro visits the woods ( DD M.O.M.O VOLKS)


Kokoro was chosen to be the model this time, She came with me all the way towards the huge forest that is just at the end of the lane. It was an amazing day compared to the horrible weather we have been suffering in Eengland lately. The woods were all nice and green, and moss was all over! It reminded me when I visited Japan last October, the memories came back and it really felt magical!

A long time ago I ordered from an etsy shop two Kimonos for my girls, so I could do some japanese style photoshoots. I have been so busy that its been nearly 4 months until I could really go for a walk and shoot the new clothes, and I only could carry Kokoro and not Asuna this time as well. They've looked so cute together with their pinky kimonos and the green scenery...Oh well, next time !

Every time I hold Kokoro I feel how kind hearted she is, and how happy I am for her to be my very first Dollfie Dream. It is a shame that I have not been working on her character as much as my other dolls, BJDs for me are more an art and creative project, and dollfie dreams are just "dolls" to me. But lately I couldn't help to think about the need of my girls for a character and personality. Will have to work on that in the future!

See you next time!

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