domingo, 19 de marzo de 2017

Hey There!

I am very little motivated to upload content here, sometimes is like screaming to an empty space, however, every time I have those thoughts I remind myself why I am doing this blog: To keep a record of my doll hobby and the stories of my dolls.

Today I come with my heartless ghost, Derian, He is a Venitu by 5thMotif. He is dearly special to me, a very well known character of mine that has been in my mind for a long time, and also helped me by creating him to get rid of my anxiety.

Derian was murdered by a black wolf, who ate his heart, and now wanders in London's victorian cemetery: Highgate. He is aimless and just enjoys staring at the moon and feeling the cold foggy weather of the endless mortuory gardens.

He wears his broken shroud all over the dead leaves of the infinite Winter, and the golden spines that grow in the cemetery.

I hope you like the pictures I took today, I am starting to play around with my new camera, and I am loving it so much!.

Thanks for visiting!

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