lunes, 25 de abril de 2016

Nikolai Roux Story ( Dollshecraft Rosen)

Name: Nikolai Roux
Age: between 25 to 29
Nationality: Traveller
Was born : Probably October 1764
Personality: Observer of the nature, artistic, anti crowds of people. Calmed soul.
Occupation: Travelled all of his young life until he joined a floating circus in Venice where he just continued travelling until his last breath.

  • He rarely speaks, but when he does, he surprises everyone around with his angelic voice.
  • One of his talents is tarot reading, as it is a common practice in his clan since hundreds of years ago.
  • Music is his passion, but he could never learn to play any instrument. Therefore he has devotion for anyone able to play even with a rock.
  • He never gets over excited about anything, his calmed personality has drained out the patience of the circus family.
  • His blood family has been always travelling, and one day he decided he needed to do his own journey.

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