martes, 22 de marzo de 2016

New Arrival: Nikolai Roux my beloved character ( Dollshe Rosen Sleeping Head)

Hey there!

 Hello people, I am here again just to explain a little bit about my new doll: Nikolai Roux, a Dollshe Rosen.

This character was the third one I created when I was 15 years old, basically he was my third doll. he was a resinsoul an, in tan skin, and the character growed so much that that body was just not good for him anymore. 
I then decided to sell his old body in order to buy a new one, suddenly I realized that I didn´t want a "cheap" doll anymore, so money was an issue. It has been almost 9 years since, I am 24 years now, and here we are, same character, different body, in the perfect one for him!. This kind of things are the little details that make the hobby something special and fullfilling, probably not so many people would understand this feeling, but...having your character re shelled in the doll you always wanted does not have a price. ( It does, I know very well it does, but you know, I am trying to be yoga here xD)

I mannaged to take a lot of pictures of this guy, but I just wanted to separate them in different posts so I can create more content even if I am not in my garden anymore. Also, I will post a little explanation of who is this guy and what is happening with him, also, at this very moment I have 3 different stories with my dolls. He belongs to the " Les poupees du mal" story, which talks about sculptors, musicians and artists in the great french revolution period. 

I really hope you liked him and I will post more pics in the future!


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