martes, 22 de marzo de 2016

Kokoro comes again ( DD M.O.M.O)


I decided that Kokoro needed a new wig, so, well, this happenned! I really love the way it looks, very "realistic" it is a mohair wig, from ebay, and honestly, I wasn´t expecting this!

The lighting yesterday was really good, I could relax and take as many pictures as I wanted ( I caught my neighbours staring at me from their window, but yeah..anyway). My garden was really really nice that day, I like to think of if as a living thing. I will really miss my garden in the future, I will be moving to a new house and wel...It is a small flat, the good thing is that it will be just for me and my boyfriend, but, yeah, no garden at all, I will have to sort out how to take pictures of my dolls in there, I am very shy taking dolls outside my house, I feel really akward when people stare at me with them, I mean, it is not very normal to see a 180cm big man holding a cute anime doll and taking pictures of it as if the doll was real lol!

With Danbo - san!

Thanks for watching!

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