domingo, 3 de enero de 2016

Home fo Christmas and re-meeting with my dolls... ≧◡≦...

Hey! (▰˘◡˘▰)

I have come home for Christmas ( to Spain) and as I have been all the time moving from one house to another I couldn´t take all my dolls with me, One of this dolls is my Spinel ( SOOM) Seth. 
He needs lots of new clothes and photoshoots, I took him to my "patio" and took some pics with the day light, but I am a very bad photographer and I did not get any decent ones appart from two.,,


I had to give him a good clean, he looked dusty!

All the clothes I had with me was this jumper that I recently ordered on e-bay, but I forgot to bring a shirt with me, so it doesn´t look very nice just like that...But I promise I will dress him decently for the next photoshoot in England. 


Eleanor is my custom blythe, I don´t think this dolls are for me, and I have thought about selling her too many times, but I guess she has been in my crew for too long to sell her now, and also, I do not want to sell her very cheap, because I think she looks georgeous :)


By the way, I visited my grandma´s house in the countryside, and I discovered how beautiful was everything! The country was full of nice flowers and green everywhere, if you are from Alicante, where I am from, you realize how rare it is to see " green" on the countryside, as everything looks quite like the sahara actually, lol!

I need to shoot my Taeyang dolls, but I am too lazy! ಥ_ಥ

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