sábado, 12 de diciembre de 2015

New 50mm Lens + Azone boys + Wall-e

Non stop shopping month! 

This month has been one of those where you just do not save any money at all. I was really upset about having to go to work the whole weekend while everyone else was on Black Friday. I really wanted to go out and buy some bargains! Specally clothes...It was not possible...to go out, but I could manage to buy lots of things on the internet! 

1. 50 MM LENS MINOLTA for my Sony Alpha camera
2. Clothes
3. Wall-e mug
4. Disney store pyjammas for my little nephew

Haru was the first thing I photographed with the new lens, the light was crap, honestly, but I loved how he posed for this picture. 

I always enjoy holding them in my hand like if they were little arriettys! 

 Wall-e is one of my currently favourite movies, I just think that the character is hilarious. 
The whole movie without even saying a single word but he can express everything on his little robotic face. ADORABLE 

And finally the Mug that I was doubting to buy every time I visit the Disney Store. I like it that much that I don´t know if I will ever drink tea on it!

Thanks for viewing!

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