miércoles, 6 de enero de 2016

End of Christmas and Seth again :)


Yes, it´s me again!
Finally Christmas it´s over ( It just lasts longer in Spain as our "presents day" is today the 6th January) I am going to come back to England tomorrow, and I am not really very keen to go, but...work is work, isn´t it?  
I just wanted to show you my last pictures of Seth at home before I take him back with me to Oxford.

I really like the lighting at home, Spanish sun is the best for pictures, in England it is almost cloudy all the time at this time of the year, but, to be honest, the landscapes are much nicer as everything is "green and trees". 
Anyway, no place like home, I will miss my family and the food!

One of my favourite presents ( among the perfumes and guilettes xD) was this perfect book that I was always looking for, " Howl´s moving castle". My aunt brought it to me from Barcelona, apparently it is no longer published anymore, so it is quite difficult to find.

I really liked this roses colour, so I bought them to my Granmother as a present, she loved them!
This other pictures of Seth are the ones I did yesterday, I didn´t manage to dress him with different clothes as I think I donnot have any different ones here!

 This ones are at my bedroom, He looks so lovely!

Thank you for visiting!

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