domingo, 22 de noviembre de 2015

Ω Introducing Haru ℧

Hi everyone! 

This is Haru, my Pure Neemo Yuuta.  He arrived home last month as a self birthday present.
Today I just wanted to introduce him into the doll family :) 

Name: Haru 
Age: 15
Ocupation: Exchange student
Likes: Tea, History, pet cats, animals in general, reading, and walking outside
Dislikes: To do homework at home, to wash the dishes, to prepare his meals. 

Character´s History: 

Haru is a " hafu" half japanese and half german little boy that is studying in one of the best Japanese high schools. He has won an abroad intership to become an international student. 
Haru speaks fluent japanese, and fluent german, but he has some issues learning english, which is why he decided to come and visit England in the first place. 
He has a very small family, and also his parents do not really take much attention when he is aronud, so this situation of being away in a very young age is not a problem for him at all. He is enjoying every second of being away from Japan. 

He met a new student that was located in the same place where he was staying, Hoichi, and they have become best friends over the months. 
They both enjoy cute things and attending to their lectures at the University. Movies and Manga are their favourite activities to do whenever they are free. 

Thanks for viewing!

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