sábado, 31 de octubre de 2015

♩ ♪ Little Ones Arrival! ( AZONE YUUTAS) ♫ ♬


Today my bunch of internet things arrived!
I say bunch because I have been shopping on the internet too much lately...

This time I am awaiting two AZONE YUUUTAs, explorer version and white rabbit version, and of course, they are comming from Mandarake! Japan.

Asuna was more than happy about helping me to open the box!

She is so impatient, I always have to stop her from tearing the box appart!

Azone Yuutas! 

This is the background immage that came in with them, so lovely!

And All together with Alpacasso!

 I am very tempted of naming them; Chico 

And Picco!

Their names would come from a very fucked up anime that was so funny to see, two young boys in love, HAHA!
But I am not entirelly sure yet...they are shy and they have not told me their names yet!

Thanks for watching me! 

Thank you for passing by!

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