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- Introducing Asuna- (✿ ♥‿♥)

Hello there!

I did manage the other day to shoot some pictures to Asuna, it is so cold outside...I mean, for me, of course if you are northern this weather is like nothing...but for me, I am not even able to go outside without being all covered up!

I wanted to do a propper " Introducing Asuna" as I never did introduce her in here as I should! I am sorry all this posts are talking about my characters lately, but it was time to do it! 

I want to be like this ducks, in a hot sauna with water (╹ェ╹)

Name: Asuna
Age: Robots do not own age, they just exist, she was created in 2016 


Asuna is a robot that belongs to the company " Robotic Hearts"
This japanese company was made to create personal and intelligent robotic life.
They own a very wide quantity of robots but the " personal maids" are the most perfect ones they have. 

This product was developed for lonely people in order to be able to interact in a "human"way with another entity and relief the loneliness that they can suffer, in addition to that, this product is able to cook, clean, and of course, pose for their owners pictures. 

The special things about the " personal maids" are the way they can interact with humans, showing emotions like a normal person would. 
They are also activated with a very different personality with each robot, so you can "adopt" ( as the company like to refer when you buy this product) a robot and you will never know if this personal companion will be nice or rude to you. 
They do not need batteries but sun light is the only way they can re-charge themselves. 
Asuna came home with two other " personal maids" Kokoro and Momoko. 

Asuna is the " responsible one" from those three, she is very mature but quite childish at the same time. She loves japanese things,  and she can speak in three languages as her default set up .

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