martes, 24 de noviembre de 2015

❤ Clothes Arrival! ❤

Hello people! 

I know, either I never post or I post 10 times in one week, but it is just because my Nursing life sucks and I never have free time or energy to take pictures and tell the story behind them ^^

I received some clothes that one of my friends sewed for me, They were according some of my designs, and they are suposed to be for my dollfie dreams and my lovely SD boy Eric.

His blog :

Now...I originally wanted to take pictures of all the clothes inside the bags, but this shirt was so awesome I couldn´t resist to dress up Eric with it!

He looks so cool with it isn´t it? ~.~ 

This is all the clothes that I ordered, Three shirts, ( big enough for SD and DYNAMITE BODY) and a skirt that my friend just sent me for free! LOVELY! ❤ 

Hoichi wanted to help, but soon he realized that this clothes were far too big for his tiny azone body!

Sorry for the messy post! I mean, the background is not the best one ( my own bed) but it was the only place in my whole room where I had a little bit of natural light ( I hate to take pictures with artificial light from lamps , hate it hate it!) 

I hope you enjoyed my post, I will be posting some pictures of the dollies soon as I took some pics yesterday.

Thanks for passing by!

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